Privacy Policy

Last updated 27th July 2017

This policy explains what personal information Reps & Sets collects and how it is used. Reps & Sets is a fitness app for iPhone and Apple Watch, developed by Repsio Ltd. Our details are at the bottom of this page.

What information does Reps & Sets collect?

We do not collect or store any personally identifiable information.

Reps & Sets is designed to log your workouts and progress towards your fitness goals. To do this, the app collects the following information:

  • Your height
  • Your weight
  • Your body fat percentage
  • Various body measurements
  • Workout data including what exercises you performed and when you performed them

How does Reps & Sets collect this information?

Reps & Sets only collects information with your explicit permission. There are three ways that this can happen:

  • You manually enter the data using the app
  • You give the app permission to access your weight and height from the iOS Health app via HealthKit
  • You download a program or workout that someone has shared with you

Where is this information stored?

The information collected by Reps & Sets is only stored locally on your iPhone, unless you choose to do one of the following:

  • Share a workout or program
    When you share a workout or a program, it is uploaded to our web servers and is visible to anyone who accesses the correct URL. You can then share this URL via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or other sharing services supported by iOS. We never ask for your login details for these services and we have no access to your accounts on them.
  • Back up your iPhone
    If you choose to backup your iPhone using Apple’s iCloud service, your Reps & Sets data will be backed-up to iCloud If you backup using iTunes, your data will be backed-up to your Mac or PC.
  • Back up Reps & Sets
    There is an option to backup your Reps & Sets data within the app. When you do this, Reps & Sets creates a folder in your iCloud Drive and saves the backup file in this. These backup files are never stored on our servers.

What information do you share with Apple’s Health app?

If you choose to, you can share workout data, height, weight and body fat measurements that you enter in Reps & Sets with the iOS Health app. Reps & Sets will only do this if you enable the “Add Measurements to Health App” or “Add Workout to Health App” options. You can change this setting at any time.

In order to calculate the calories you are burning from exercise, Reps & Sets will request your permission to access your weight from the Health app.

Do you track when and how I am using Reps & Sets?

There are three services that we use for tracking how Reps & Sets is used, none of which provide us with user identifiable information:

  • Crashlytics provides us with reporting on when Reps & Sets crashes, so we can make the app more stable. Details of each individual crash are sent to us, but no user identifiable data is included in these reports.
  • New Relic monitors the performance of our website, so we can identify any bottlenecks and improve its responsiveness, but we do not use this service to monitor the app on your iPhone.
  • App Analytics is a service available to all iOS developers by Apple. It provides information on when the app is used, but only from users who have enabled the “Share With App Developers” option in Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage.

All the information from these three services is anonymous.

If you use the sharing features of Reps & Sets, your IP address will be logged by our web server in order to monitor that it is not being abused.

Can my data be exported from Reps & Sets?

In the History tab of Reps & Sets, there is an Export option, that enables you to export all your data in CSV format.

Are you going to be spamming me?

We do not collect your personal data. Not even your e-mail address. So you’ll never be pestered by our marketing droids. We don’t have any.

There are no ads in Reps & Sets and there never will be.

If you use rest timers in the app, you will receive notifications on your iPhone (and your Apple Watch if you have one). If you don’t like these, you can turn them off. Go into Apple’s Settings app, scroll down to Reps & Sets, select “Notifications” and switch “Allow Notifications” to off.

Will you be changing this privacy policy?

We are currently considering a cloud service that we hope will eventually offer backup, syncing between devices and web access. We will need to update our privacy policy when we introduce this service. We will be able to provide more information closer to the time.

There may be other changes we need to make in the future as well.

Any updates will appear here, on the same URL.

Who are you?

We are Repsio Ltd. A company registered in England, UK. Our registered address is 8 Blandfield Road, London, SW12 8BG. Our company number is 9037162.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact Graham Bower.