The complete gym logging app

Create workout programs, manage your gym time, track your gains.

Plan your program

Browse hundreds of illustrated exercises with interactive muscle diagrams and add custom exercises.

Create your own workout programs specifying exercise order, sets, reps, weights, rest intervals and equipment settings. You can even add supersets, giant sets, drop-sets and pyramids.

Use programs as the template for your workouts, like exercise to-do lists. You can also share them with friends, workout buddies or clients.

Cruise Control

Use programs as workout to-do lists, checking off each exercise as you complete it. Pre-programmed rest timers are triggered automatically.

Keep track of where you are in your workout with your Apple Watch and our widget on the iPhone’s lock screen, which show your next exercise and rest timers.

Mark sets as complete directly from your wrist, or via interactive notifications. Switching between the watch app and iPhone app is easy with Hand Off support.

Track your gains

When you’ve logged a few workouts, you can view charts showing your progress, and check which workouts you did when in your calendar.

Log your body measurements to track your gains, and share data with Apple’s Health app.

Workouts you log with Reps & Sets on Apple Watch contribute to your Activity rings.

You can also backup your data to iCloud Drive, or export it to Excel or Numbers.

Reps & Sets Premium


Unlock the full power of Reps & Sets


Get full access to our Apple Watch app, so you can log exercises and edit weights, repetitions and durations directly from your wrist.


Unlock more illustrated exercises and workout programs, exclusively for our Premium subscribers.


Tap “Go Premium” in the app to start your one month free trial. After the trial you’ll pay just $0.99 per month.


Logging your workout


Pre-program your workout and then just check off each set as you finish it.


Trigger pre-programmed rest and exercise timers.


Hear when it’s time to get back at it, even when your phone is asleep.


Compare with previous workout and update programs automatically.


Capture essential details such as angle incline on a bench.


Log treadmill, x-trainer and rowing machine sessions, including settings.


Link exercises together to capture advanced resistance approaches.


View thumbnails and how-tos at a glance while you’re working out.


Share workouts to get encouragement from friends and family.

Create re-usable programs


Program the weights, reps, sets and rests that you plan to do in a workout.


Follow a program or adapt it by changing weights, reps, sets and exercises as you go.


Vary resistance and reps in each set to plan pyramids & drop sets in your program.


Choose a playlist to start automatically when you begin your workout.


Post links to your programs via Twitter, Facebook, E-mail or messages.

Browse the exercise manual


Real time search filters results in realtime to help you fight the right exercise fast.


High-res, low file size images with how-to instructions.


Visually highlights the agonist, antagnoist, synergist and fixator for each exercise.


Browse by body area, muscle group, equipment or function.


Can’t find the exercise you’re looking for? Adding your own is simple.

Track your progress


Incredible detail in a clear visual format that shows you exactly how you’re doing.


Save your workout data in CSV format for viewing in a spreadsheet app.


Browse by body area, muscle group, equipment or function.


Log body fat, weight, arms, forearms, shoulders, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves.


Automatic calculation of your Body Mass Index.


Frequently asked questions

Can I log lbs and miles instead of kg and km?
Yes! You can change the default measurements that Reps & Sets uses from kg/km to lb/miles in Apple’s Settings app. On the home screen, tap “Settings”, then scroll down to until you find the Reps & Sets settings.
How do I create supersets, tri-sets and giant sets?
In a Program or Workout, tap the (+) button to add an exercise. Then tap “Make Superset” so that this option is ticked. Then select the exercises you want to include. You can select two for a superset, or more for tri-sets and giant sets. They appear in a list. Tap the back button to return to your workout, and the superset is displayed. Tap on the superset, and then tap the (+) button to add sets and rests in the normal way. When you add a set, you will be asked which exercise in the superset you want to add.
Where can I get programs from?
You can download programs from websites and add them to your collection, and you can download programs that friends have shared on Twitter and Facebook. Plus, tap on the “Get Programs” button in the Program tab to select from example programs.
Where are the charts?
To view charts for an exercise, you must have logged two or more workouts on separate days for that exercise. Then tap on the “History” tab, tap “My Exercises” and select the exercise you want. You should see a message at the top of the screen saying “Rotate for chart”. Rotate phone 90°ree; and the charts will appear. A menu top-right let’s you view different charts. When you have logged more than one body measurement, charts for these can also be found in the “History” tab.
How do I copy/duplciate a program?
Log a workout using the program you want to duplicate. Then find that workout in the “History” tab. Tap on it and select “Save As Program”. Give the new program a different name and you’re done.
How do I add calories and workouts to the Health app?
If you use our Apple Watch app during your workout, then Active Energy and Workouts are added automatically to the Health app via the Activity app.

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can still log calories from cardio exercise like via the iPhone app. First, make sure you have entered your weight in measurements. Then when you finish a workout that contains cardio exercises (e.g. running, rowing or elliptical), you’ll see an option to “Add Calories to Health app”. Make sure this switch is turned on. If you have not already given Reps & Sets permission to write data to the Health app, you will be promoted for permission. Then save the workout and you’re done.

How do update a program?
Log a workout using the program you want to update, making the necessary changes as you go. Then when you have finished your workout, in the “Finish Workout” screen on your iPhone or Watch, select the “Update Program” option.
Can I add my own exercises?
Yes! In the Exercises tab, tap on “My Exercises” and then tap on the (+) button. You can now give your exercise a name, and select which muscles and equipment it uses. Alternatively, you can create a new exercise based on one of the built in exercises – just find the exercise you want to adapt and tap the “Edit” button (you may need to scroll down to find it). You will then be given the option to make an editable copy of the exercise.
How do I create my own isometric exercise?
Currently, when you create a new exercise, Reps & Sets assumes it’s isotonic – we will be changing this in a future release. In the meantime, to create your own isometric exercises, just select a built in isometric exercise, tap “Edit” and you can make a copy of it.
Can I suggest exercises that you should add?
Yes, please do! We’re always looking to improve our exercise database, and we want to know what exercises our users most want us to add. Contact us via the support options below and let us know. Plus, did you know you can share exercises? Create a program which includes one of your own exercises and share it with a friend via Facebook or Twitter. They’ll then get your exercise added to their database.
How do I cancel my premium subscription?
In iOS 10 or earlier: Open the App Store app on your iPhone. Scroll to the bottom of the “Featured” tab and tap on the “Account ID” button. Then tap on “View Apple ID” and then “Subscriptions.” Look for the Reps & Sets icon, tap on it and then tap the red “Cancel Subscription” button.
In iOS 11+: Go to the Apple’s Settings app, tap on your Apple ID at the top, then select “iTunes & App Store,” then tap on Apple ID again, then tap “View Apple ID” and authenticate. Then scroll down to “Subscriptions,” tap on Reps & Sets premium subscription, then tap on “Cancel Subscription” and you’re done.


Hi, I’m Graham. I’m the co-creator of Reps & Sets and I like wearing hoodies with no t-shirt underneath. I answer all support questions personally, usually same-day.

Just email me at You can also contact me on Twitter at @GrahamBower.

Plus follow our official twitter account at @RepsAndSets for news of forthcoming updates.


A few years back, while I was on vacation, I realized I’d forgotten to pack my workout journal. I tried using my iPhone instead, but I couldn’t find any app that did exactly what I wanted. So, while I was sipping a protein shake, I started sketching out the kind of logging app I wanted.

I wanted to be able to log exactly what sequence I did exercises in, specifying rest intervals between sets, plus combining multiple exercises into supersets and giant sets. Together with my techie partner, Martin Algesten, we came up with a data structure for weight resisted workouts which went way further than just logging when you last did an exercise, which is all that most fitness apps do. It was pretty well thought out, though I say so myself, and it still serves us well to this day.

Reps & Sets is as a hobby project we develop in our spare time. Nine years later, I am still using it every day, along with hundreds of other people from around the world.