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Duncan is a fitness lifestyle blogger also known as SlimGuy Fitness. As a naturally slim guy, (or “ectomorph,” to use the technical term), lean definition comes easy to him, but building serious muscle mass is much more of a challenge. He describes himself as a hard-gainer. But that has not stopped him from building an impressive physique that most guys would envy.

In this program, Duncan shares some of his secrets, to reveal how he earned that ripped physique. His program comprises entirely of anaerobic rather than aerobic training, because, as a slim guy, his goal is to gain weight by packing on more muscle, not to lose it.

This is a three day split program, pairing biceps with triceps, chest with back and shoulders with legs. Duncan repeats this routine twice in one week, leaving one day off for rest and recovery. His focus is on training opposing muscle groups using supersets. Rest times are kept to a minimum to give him just enough time to recover while maintaining the pump.

Duncan uses a pyramid approach, increasing the weight with each set. This allows him to find the right weight-to-rep ratio, so he can lift heavy without losing form. The last set he always reduces the weight and increases the reps. If he is able to complete it without trouble, he knows it’s time to increase all the weights for that exercise next time.

Abs are not included, but that doesn’t mean you can skip them. Duncan does core training every day, which is how he maintains that impressive six-pack.

To find out more about the theory and science behind Duncan’s approach, check out his blog at

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