This is a full-body workout, that hits every part of your body in a single session. The advantage of a full-body approach is that it saves a lot of time, compared with doing separate workouts for each muscle group. On the down-side, it’s hard to properly exhaust all of your muscles in such a short space of time.

If you are an experienced gym users, this full-body workout is handy when you’re going to be away from the gym for a few days – maybe you’re going on vacation – and you want to give all your muscles one last pump. It is also ideal if you’re new to training, because it will help you to get used to the major moves without over-taxing your muscles.

This workout balances pushing and pulling moves, while also balancing upper-body and legs, with a core exercise at the end. Pick weights that are right for you – enabling you to complete all the repetitions with good form. But pick a lower weight for the first set of each exercise to let your muscles warm up.

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