Variety is key when you’re training for muscle growth. If your workouts are normally focused on straight sets, the chances are you’re going to need to mix things up a bit in order to stimulate your muscles into further growth.

This workout is ideal for introducing a bit of variety into your leg day. It’s based on giant sets, where you perform four exercises consecutively without any rest in-between. This will really get the blood flowing to your leg muscles with an incredible pump, and it is also great for cardio vascular conditioning.

The rep range is high, with 15 reps for each exercise, so pick low weights that let you complete all the prescribed reps while maintaining good form. Lowering weight and increasing reps is another great way of introducing variety into your leg day. Lifting heavy is important for serious leg gains, but you also need to include higher rep ranges to make sure you are working both your fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers.

The giant set starts with an isolation move: seated leg extensions, as a pre-exhaust to get the blood flowing and increase the emphasis on your quads when you do the big moves that follow.

Rest for about 1.5 minutes after completing the giant set and then repeat three times.

This workout is ideal to keep handy on your phone and use whenever you feel your leg day is getting stale.

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